Other Consultants in Roster

The company has affiliation with the following highly experienced and qualified consultants and organizations. They have assured that they will be involved as team leader/ coordinator and resource person in various works to be conducted by the company as and when needed.

S.N. Name Qualification Area of Specialization

Mr. Surya Prakash Chandak

Cleaner Production and Environmental Expert, UNEP Cleaner Production and Environment

Mr Peter Andreasen

M.Sc. Biology
Wastewater Treatment
3. Mr. Lalan Kumar Das MA (Economics) Economist
4. PACE Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Leading Organization in Nepal CP, Energy and Environmental Management
5. Quest Forum Pvt. Ltd. Experienced Organization in Nepal Occupational Safety and Health and Environment
6. The Energy Research Institute, India Energy and Environmental Management
7. DHI, Denmark Industrial Management
8. Dr. Dilli Poudel Ecologist and Forest Expert
9. Mr. Chandra Kant Baral Socio-economist
10. Mr. Nagendra Amatya Statistician

Contact Info

GIEF Nepal Pvt.Ltd
Balkumari Lalitpur

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Department of Mine
Company Registrat
Government of Nepal
Shakti Minerals
Ministry of Industry

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