About Us

GIEF Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., at the first registered as a private firm in Department of Cottage Industries in 2058-12-13, later in 2074-09-06 it was converted into the private limited company. The consultancy concentrated on mine and mine based services like exploration, planning, and different geological assessments, designing and supporting lease holders in smooth operation during early days. With the time laps, GIEF has extended its services in Industrial consulting like establishment of industry, facilitation on different certification and monitoring, etc. The consultancy has capacity of providing any consultation in any small, medium and large industries.

The wide range of services provided by GIEF includes

  1. Industries and commercial sector consultation,
  2. Mining Sector consultation,
  3. Environment Management Sector consultation,
  4. Occupational Safety and Health Sector consultation,
  5. Plans, Policies, Guidelines, for Government agencies.,
  6. Laboratory for Industrial Monitoring etc.

GIEF consultancy has long experience in facilitating private and government sector in Nepal for the industrial development. It has also served for multinational investors and firms for the latest technology intervention and establishment industries. It is equipped with well experienced and proficient team of consultants.